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Exhausts from Buckley Tyre Service


Our exhaust deparment has a highly skilled and experienced fitting team, who are fully trained to fit exhausts to all makes and models.

  • We offer a complete DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT service for all exhaust fittings
  • Fittings available for all makes and models of Car and Motorcycles
  • Specialist Lifting Equipment specifically designed for Low-Profile Vehicles such as Porsche and Ferrari


  • Your Exhaust reduces noise, removes fumes away from you and your passengers, improves engine perfomance and improves fuel consumption
  • As Exhausts are constantly being exposed to high pressure gases and heat, it is important to have your exhaust checked regularly for cracks, broken mountings, and other corrosions
  • If you notice any increased noise from you your exhaust, get it checked and fixed as soon as possible
  • Your vehicle can fail its MOT as a result of exhaust emissions over the acceptable limits
  • If you experience any of the above, contact us today to arrange an appointment!
Buckley Exhausts